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Goal of Neighbor-to-Neighbor

Help neighbors quickly and personably meet each others needs.

Identify and respond to needs in real time.
View important trends geographically.
Automate where possible to save time and energy.

Why register? What happens next?

We will create your help request and volunteer forms. You will receive direct links to the forms.

We will set-up the automated workflow based on your preferences. Workflows can be set for help request and volunteer forms.

We will create a GIS Operations Dashboard for your area. This dashboard will monitor inquiries and trends in real-time.

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    Services to offer

    Run errandsFood insecurityMental healthCheck-on vulnerable neighborhoodsEmergency childcareFinancial counseling

    Will you be using a database to store contact information?


    Are you interested in setting up SMS (text messaging) for urgent help requests?


    Do you need assistance setting up the automation workflow?


    Please describe your geographic boundaries in as much detail as possible.

    Will you need assistance conducting background checks on volunteers?


    Are you interested in joining a 60-minute bi-weekly video call with other leaders across the country?