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Evana Network Resources

Evana Network offers a variety of resources and support to help churches engage, grow, and live out their callings.

  • Evana offers a wide-range of resources and support to help churches effectively engage with their local community. City Flourish is an Evana initiative that provides community asset and need mapping, coaching and consulting for community-wide initiatives, technical assistance, and evaluation services.
  • “Getting to Vital” is an online course designed to help church leaders develop a community engagement strategy that is rooted in prayer and spiritual discernment, reflects its values, is responsive to community needs, and leverages the gifts and strengths of the congregation.
  • Evana helps congregations with leadership development in a few primary ways:
    • Leader huddles: Church leaders have access to monthly in-person and virtual huddles that offer the space to meet new friends and mentors, network with other church leaders, and share and receive meaningful content.
    • National and regional events: Evana organizes annual leadership retreats, regional trainings on topics selected by pastors, and a bi-annual network-wide summer gathering that is one-part family conference (everyone is invited!) and one-part missions conference. It’s a gathering worth attending with your family or closest friends!
    • Leadership coaching: Evana regional pastors and coaches work closely with church leadership teams to develop ‘leadership pipelines’ within congregations. ‘How can we equip and release the church to fulfill their calling?’ It’s an important question for church leaders and we love working closely with congregations to help answer it.
  • Evana Leadership Academy : Course Offerings for 2020-2021

Church leaders have access to monthly in-person and virtual huddles that offer the space to meet new friends and mentors, network with other church leaders, and share and receive meaningful content.

  • Evana offers a host of seminars, webinars, and events throughout the year aimed at equipping congregations to be effective Gospel witnesses and conduits of God’s grace.

MCF Lead Pastor Job Description 

The Lead Pastor works with the Elder Team, Ad Council, Commission Chairs, and the church secretary to carry out the daily mission of the church and gives guidance to other church leadership positions. The position is considered full-time, but other options may be available. Salary is based on responsibilities with consideration given to experience and education. The Lead Pastor is accountable to the Elder Team. 

Marion History 

Marion Methodist Church closed her doors in 1941. Because of the strong interest in having an active church in the community the Shore Mennonite Church was contacted. A Sunday School program was started at Marion. The congregation flourished! Each Sunday a Mennonite minister from one of the area congregations came to preach. Average attendance was 100 persons per week. 

In 1942 the Shore congregation decided to close the work at Marion. The Methodists wanted to sell the church building, but the Shore congregation was not in a position to buy it. 

A faithful group of people continued to gather in homes for prayer meetings. In 1943 the Methodist District Board sold the building, contents, and land to the Mennonites for $4,000. In 1944 the congregation became known as the Marion Mennonite Church. Willard Sommers served as the first pastor. 

The congregation was officially organized on June 10, 1945 with 18 charter members. Marion was granted independent status as a congregation by the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference in June 1950. The charter members and families were: JB Miller, John Mishler, Dan Christner, Eli Miller, Alvin Miller, William Schlatter, Willard Sommers, and Barbara Wagoner. Doris Mast, daughter of John Mishler, is still involved in our church today. 

During the 1950’s the church was very active in Vacation Bible School, with as many as 150 community children coming for two weeks in the summer. 

The original building, built in 1889, was 28’x40’ and cost approximately $2,000. In 1949 a small basement was added by removing the soil under the church. A furnace was installed downstairs to eliminate the potbellied stove in the sanctuary. The basement also had four small children’s classrooms, separated by cloth curtains. Indoor plumbing was added as two small bathrooms were installed in the basement. 

In 1956 an additional 24’x38’ basement was dug and capped with a roof with the intention of building on top at a later date. In 1964 the church constructed a 16’x24’ entrance and nursery area, and the sanctuary was enlarged by building on top of the enlarged basement. 

In 1976 a 40’x80’ addition with a full basement was built. This provided better restroom facilities, classrooms and an entrance space. Also, a new kitchen, fellowship hall, restroom facilities and women’s sewing storage room were part of the project. The new basement had 12 additional Sunday School classrooms. Numerous committees were involved. Many worked at night on the project to keep building costs down. The youth group helped build the beautiful fireplace by gathering and splitting field stone. The cost of this project was approximately $85,000 and was paid off in less than three years. 

A new sanctuary was built in 2013. The new space included two new restrooms, a new kitchen, and a large entry space as well as a beautiful new sanctuary that could seat up to 250. The original sanctuary was converted to additional Sunday School classrooms on the main floor. Pledges were taken from members for the approximately half a million dollar project, and again the project was paid off within a few years. 

In 2017 Marion left the Indiana-Michigan Conference of Mennonite USA and joined Evana (Evangelical Anabaptist Network). 

Any interested candidates should contact Daryl Hershberger at [email protected] 


Pastoral Job Description


  1. The candidate for Pastor will be a person who professes faith in Christ, gives evidence of a new birth experience, and exhibits spiritual maturity.
  1. This person will have gifts of leading, teaching, preaching and encouraging the congregation and community.
  1. The candidate must be willing to commit to Evana Network’s covenant. 
  2. A bachelor’s degree in Bible & Theology will be required. 
  3. Also five years as a Lead/Senior Pastor experience will be expected.
  4. The Pastor shall live within 15 miles of Marion Christian Fellowship Church.


  1. The Pastor shall be called and licensed, or ordained by the Evana Regional Pastor and the Marion Elder Team.
  1. The call of the Pastor must be affirmed by at least 85% of the congregation. 
  2. The Pastorate is considered a full-time position, unless otherwise stated. 
  3. The Pastor shall serve for a period of time as agreed upon and approved by the congregation.
  4. Salary, days off, vacation, and other benefits will be based on responsibilities with consideration given to the Pastor’s experience, education, and previous effectiveness.


Spiritual Health

  1. Take time to maintain a healthy relationship with God.
  2. Grow in knowledge through education (Pastor’s week, seminar,s etc.). 3
  3. Spend quality time with family and meet their needs.
  4. Recognize the need for self-renewal under the direction of the Elder Team. 

Congregational Life 

  1. The Pastor shall: 
  • Serve as a spiritual leader, member of the Ad Council, Elder Team, and Worship and Fellowship Commission and give spiritual input to other ministries in the church when the need arises. 
  • be responsible to plan and carry out the overall preaching/worship program of the Sunday morning worship service in conjunction with the Worship and Fellowship Commission, which includes filling any vacancy of the pulpit with the Elder Team. 
  • aid and promote the spiritual development of members through individual counseling, teaching classes, and other programs as appropriate or needed. 
  • encourage members to develop relationships with one another and to provide love and support to each other in daily life. 
  • will develop and provide for regular visitation, giving special emphasis to prospective new members, those with special needs, and those in emergency or hospital situations. 
  • encourages communication throughout the congregation to ensure clarity and fairness in issues and to facilitate problem solving and decision making. 
  • will regularly emphasize stewardship and commitment responsibilities to one another, the local church, and to both local and world missions. 
  • be responsible to plan and carry out the administration of the ordinances of the church at appropriate times, calling on the assistance of others as necessary. 
  • conduct baptisms, weddings, and funerals for members as requested. 
  • And generally be available Tuesday through Friday. 


The Pastor will: 

  • set an example for the congregation by the sharing of his/her faith in Christ, seeing to lead others to accept Christ in the same way, and by leading the congregation to establish effective witness and outreach programs. 
  • identify concerns and opportunities in the community in which the congregation can respond and participate through witness and outreach. 
  • work the Missions and Service Commission to develop congregational awareness and support for world, continental and local missions. 

Larger Church Contacts

  • The Pastor shall meet regularly with the Shipshewana Ministerial Association, Evana Network and other local groups that would benefit the church, with the understanding the Elder Team shall be consulted for approval prior to acceptance of responsibilities which may affect the time available for congregational duties.


  • The Pastor, along with the Elder Team, will develop yearly goals to help strengthen the congregation, the discipleship of members, and outreach in the community at the annual Pastor-Elder retreat.

Other Ministers 

  1. Other ordained or licensed ministers in the congregation and the Church Secretary shall serve under the oversight of the Pastor as outlined by the Ad Council and the Elder Team.


  1. The Pastor is accountable to the congregation through the Elder Team. 
  2. The Elders will annually evaluate the Pastor’s ministry and direct the Pastor in areas of strengths and weaknesses. Along with the evaluation, the Pastor’s job description will be updated according to the needs within the church.